What a beautiful morning God has given us!
Sunday is a busy day so be sure to get a good night sleep tomorrow night.  Sunday starts of course with 2 worship services and Sunday School for all ages in between.  Newcomers always welcome!  And it is Levi Sunday!!!!!
Come Sunday morning dressed in your clean up the yard best as the grounds of the church are cleaned, raked, and otherwise spruced up.  Many hands make light work and it’s fun doing it together!  If you have equipment like rakes and wheel barrels that might help bring those along too.  The Weather Channel says the high will be 70 degrees and a bit cloudy.  Perfect!
Sunday still not is done until you’ve attended the Spring Concert at 7 p.m.:  “Is That a Hymn I Hear?”.  All the music venues of MUMC will participate and there will be a chance for you to sing along if you are so inclined.  Don’t miss that or you’ll be regretful when you hear from others how wonderful it was.
Blessings on your day.
Rev. Casey Collins
327 North River Road
PO Box 476
Milford, NH  03055