Meaningful Time

Good Saturday morning before a snow storm to you! I hope you will all be in a safe place, warm and comfortable for its duration, and while I’m hoping, I hope the roads and driveways are all clear by early tomorrow morning so there’s no struggle getting to worship God together!

Thanks to all who made Christmas such a meaningful time; the music, the fair, worship, food, the good wishes and joy of the season. May you take this Christmas spirit with you throughout the New Year. Thanks as well for appreciated Christmas gifts, I treasure each one. My church gift will be used as a deposit on a week long quilting workshop next September. Registration opens on Monday and there’s only room for 15 so I’ll be one of the first to hold a place. It most always fills up quickly. I went to the same one this past September and am excited to take it to another level! Thank you thank you for helping make this possible.

There are many activities coming up at MUMC in the near future. Beginning Saturday, January 14 for 6 weeks from 9 to 10:30 a.m. will be a study on White Privilege. To many these words sound accusatory, yet they are not meant to be. The time together will open eyes to what brothers and sisters of color experience and what we all do to even subconsciously take part, no matter how inclusive we might be. If you’re not certain this would be meaningful, try it out for the first week or two and see.

There will be a Bible study taking place after second service beginning near the end of January. Stay tuned for more information about that one. On February 18, if you are the parent/s of a young child, MUMC will be hosting a Parent’s Night out from 5-7 p.m. giving parents a dinner time alone in honor of Valentine’s Day. Rumor has it that the kids will be viewing Finding Dory and being fed fun food.

Worship tomorrow and the following Sunday will focus on different aspects of Jesus’ baptism. I hope you can be there.

Blessings. Casey

Rev. Casey Collins
Milford United Methodist Church
327 North River Road
PO Box 476
Milford, NH 03055