Good morning!  What wonderfully crisp weather we’ve been having.  God is so good.  My daughter Crista has been visiting from Baltimore for a couple days for her business, so her presence has had me outside more for which I am grateful.

A couple of reminders this morning.  Next Wednesday is MUMC’s annual Church Conference which our District Superintendent, Jim McPhee will be facilitating at 7 p.m.  I encourage you to attend as we discuss the life of the church moving forward and of course tend to a few business items as we are gathered.

And we are getting closer to Thanksgiving, a time we set aside to thank God for all we are grateful for in our lives. Sometimes it’s hard to see past anxieties or difficulties but if we truly are honest with ourselves, I’m betting you’ll find that the joys far outnumber the adversities.  As some wise person has said, if we didn’t have adversities we would not appreciate the blessings.  In this season the church as well appreciates its blessings.  Tomorrow we again hear testimonies from a MUMC member in each service and why they feel grateful to have this church in their lives. In this Grow with God sequence we continue the theme as we get nearer to Grow One Stewardship Sunday gathering to give thanks for all God has given and done for us, assuring the strength and continuation of God’s work in Milford.  I am so grateful to God and the communities of love and and relationships God has blessed me with. How about you?

See you tomorrow.

Rev. Casey Collins

Milford United Methodist Church

327 North River Road

PO Box 476

Milford, NH  03055