Good afternoon!

I hope this finds you well and excited about God being in your life.  Looking for something to do?  Tomorrow morning, and Saturdays coming up bring yourself to church from 10-1 crafting for the Christmas Fair.  Can you believe that Advent, when we usher in Christmas, is just a month or so away?  Spend creative time with great folks!  Don’t know how to craft?  There is something to do at every level of skill (trust me, I’ve done it!).

I hear often from those in the church how it would be nice for other folks to know about MUMC.  One way is to be more visible in Milford.  Join Susan and myself and other folks at the Red Ribbon drug prevention week sponsored by CAST at the event next Saturday, October 29 for an hour or three or anywhere in between to play Halloween games with community children.  Please let us know your availability.

Want to help out with Halloween?  I will be hosting Halloween at the parsonage this year giving out bags of goodies to neighborhood kids, an estimated 250 of them!  Each bag will have candy, a prize, and a bookmark with MUMC details on it.  Let us know about that as well if you want to help put these together.

If you weren’t at worship last Sunday, you missed a wonderful Laity morning with Steve Rafter at the helm.  He reminded us about how important it is to be involved in church events not just to help others but for us to grow spiritually as well, growing community and faith.  The above are just a few ways to do that.

Have an awesome weekend.  See you in church!

Rev. Casey Collins

Milford United Methodist Church
327 North River Road

PO Box 476

Milford, NH  03055