Hello all,

You ready for the trick or treaters on Monday?  About 250 roam the parsonage neighborhood on Halloween.  Yikes! Thanks to Heather and Callie (and Liz and Gerrie who helped pack them) I’ll have company giving out bags of goodies that will just happen to have information about what MUMC offers kids.  It should be fun.  Guess I won’t stick to my tried and true clown costume considering all the clown fuss in the media this past year.  The costume is a long time family tradition as my Mom dressed as a clown following us kids around when we went trick or treating in years past.  That said, as time moves forward, traditions change, and life changes, whether we are ready or not.  Our God through it all remains steadfast.  Maybe I’ll be a cat.

Tomorrow in services we celebrate the saints of our lives.  On the church calendar that shows up the following Sunday, November 7 since it is normally celebrated on the nearest Sunday to the holiday.  The worship team and I decided it makes more sense to celebrate these wonderful people on the day closest to the official date rather than a week later.  So join in as we worship God with thanks for the people and relationships we’ve been fortunate to have experienced over the years.

See you in church!

Rev. Casey Collins
Milford United Methodist Church
327 North River Road

PO Box 476

Milford, NH  03055