Hello MUMC Friends!
Tomorrow is the long awaited HOPEFEST!  The weather forecast is perfect!  Warm, clear and low humidity.  Check out hopefestnh.org if you haven’t already or download the app on your i-phone so you’ll have all the performance times in your pocket.  Tickets are $40.00 for all of the activities beginning at 10 a.m..   There are some great vendors lined up so you won’t even have to worry about lunch or dinner.  The Music and festivities will be AMAZING!
A reminder that on Sunday MUMC is still having two services.  You do NOT have to pay on Sunday to get in to Hopefest to worship (as some thought) so please don’t let that stop you from praising our God.  The 8:30 service with the Praise Team will be outdoors on the main stage.  The 10:30 service will be in the sanctuary.
I hope to see you both days over the weekend!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!
If you’re not able to attend (actually, even if you are!) please pray for the weekend’s success.  Thanks to ALL the people who worked so hard to make this a reality.
Blessings.  Casey

Sunday’s 10:30 combined service/ Potluck

Tomorrow is the last Saturday to prepare for MUMC’s 165th year anniversary and 10th year in this building celebrating with the Bishop during this Sunday’s 10:30 combined service followed by a Potluck, as well as for Hopefest the following weekend !  It will be wonderful to have the church and the grounds looking their very best.

Are you available to help out tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. or any time through the afternoon?  Setting up for the Bishop and potluck is happening at 9 and outdoor work begins at 9 and goes through the afternoon.  If you can give a couple of hours to lend a hand it would be so appreciated! The more people the more fun!  There will be something for everyone to do. Inside setup and cleaning. Outside weed whacking, brush trimming, sweeping and leaf blowing, pallets to move, and various other things. We need to look our best for all those coming to visit!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow and then again on Sunday to celebrate with Bishop Devadhar!

A reminder that Rally Day is September 11 with the kids  celebrating together the first day of Sunday School at 9:30.  Second service will continue to begin at 10:30 throughout the year.

Grace and peace, and prayers for a wonderful weekend.