Good morning all!
Tomorrow from 7:30 to 1 is the AAAAwesome YAARD Sale!  It always amazes me how much “stuff” gathers to find a new home.  People have been working hard to put it together.  Start with breakfast and then move on to finding treasures!
FYI the Newsletter went into the Mail yesterday.  The copier broke down in the midst of printing it (yes, again!), so it’s a bit late but I predict some good reading to reach your mailbox very soon.
MUMC’s YOUTH will be leading Sunday’s service.  I can’t wait to have them be part of the morning.  Thanks to Susan Drew for organizing.  Please come and support the great kids of the church.
A reminder that beginning on July 3 the SECOND service will be starting 15 minutes earlier, at 10:30.  If you forget and come a bit late, don’t turn around, come in anyway!  The 8:30 service remains at 8:30.
And if you haven’t already it’s time to check out HopeFest, MUMC’s Christian music festival coming up in August.    Tickets are on sale now.  This will be AMAZING!
Enjoy this day that God has given you!
Rev. Casey Collins
Milford United Methodist Church
327 North River Road
PO Box 476
Milford, NH  03055